Shaurya Srivastava

Hey there, I'm Shaurya – I design, develop and deploy websites!
Check out my portfolio, a testament to my passion for digital strategy, content planning, and creating user experience that engage and inspire.

Digital + Brand + UX/UI + Media Marketing

"Experienced interactive media professional skilled in digital and brand strategy, user research, CX/UX design, digital marketing, project management, and communications. Committed to crafting seamless, user-centric digital experiences that captivate audiences and drive results."

This is what I do!

Digital Marketing & Brand Management:
I excel in crafting impactful digital marketing strategies that boost brand visibility. My expertise spans various digital channels, from social media to SEO, and I'm skilled at data-driven optimization to drive tangible results.

User Experience:
My passion lies in creating intuitive and visually pleasing digital experiences. Through research and meticulous design, I transform ideas into engaging interfaces, whether it's for websites, apps, or any interactive media.

Digital Project Management:
I'm a skilled digital project manager who orchestrates complex projects with precision. I excel in team collaboration, clear goal-setting, and meticulous progress tracking, ensuring successful project delivery.

MoveMate WebApp

Revolutionizing Goods Transportation:
A Redesign Journey for moving company's web app.

User Research
User Journey
Marketing Collaboration
Web Design
Digital Strategy
Project Management

Case Study

L.E.A.R.N. App

Transforming college campuses by connecting students with skills like playing instruments, painting, coding, and those who yearn to learn.

UX/UI Design
User Research
Business Strategy
Interactive Strategy
Digital Marketing
Project Management

Case Study

Magazine Design

Creating covers, designs and content for a digital magazine "Youth".

Content Writing
‍UX/UI Design
Product Design

Case Study